5 reasons to buy a Chrysler Pacifica hybrid

Chrysler Pacifica hybrid

Do you know the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid? Just as its name indicates, it is a hybrid version of the traditional Chrysler Pacifica minivan.

Longue Pointe Chrysler, your Chrysler dealership in Montreal, close to Montreal North and Saint-Leonard, gives you 5 reasons why you should choose this exceptional vehicle!

The Pacifica hybrid is a plug-in hybrid minivan


And as we all know, a plug-in hybrid means a vehicle that you can drive without a single drop of fuel!  So, the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid offers an autonomy of 51 kilometers when in 100% electric mode.  When you combine electric and fuel autonomy, the total autonomy for the Pacifica hybrid reaches over 800 kilometers.


The Pacifica hybrid offers an outstanding energy efficiency

Since it can run on electricity alone over a certain distance -and as a standard hybrid vehicle the rest of the time- the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid offers, according to Chrysler Canada, surprising fuel consumption numbers that can reach as low as 8.0 L/100 km in the city and 7.9 L/100km on highway.

Moreover, combined electricity-fuel consumption numbers are only 2.9 Le/100 km; who can beat that!

The Pacifica hybrid offers loads of space

With enough space to seat 7- passengers, the Pacifica Hybrid is the ideal family vehicle! Moreover, it offers very generous cargo space that varies between 915 and 3,979 liters, depending on if you fold down 2nd and 3rd rows of seats or not.

The Pacifica hybrid is loaded with added technologies

Amongst the numerous technologies found aboard the Pacifica hybrid, you will find wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, a 10.1- inch touch screen, USB-C quick charging ports, a 20- speaker sound system, an UConnect infotainment system for passengers at the rear, as well as Amazon Fire TV, which is a first in the industry.

And let's not forget to mention a luxury interior that will certainly knock your socks off!

The Pacifica

The Pacifica hybrid is admissible to government grants

As a plug-in hybrid model, the Chrysler Pacifica gives you access to government incentives that can reach a total of $ 13,000. Contact us to find out more!


The Chrysler Pacifica hybrid is a must-see minivan, especially if you are looking for an energy efficient family vehicle.  Book your test drive today with Longue Pointe Chrysler!

And if you wish to find out more about the other Chrysler vehicles we have for sale, our current Chrysler special offers or our Chrysler financing rates, come and visit us!  We are located in Montreal, close to Saint-Leonard and Montreal North.

2022 Pacifica hybrid price and specs, at a glance

Touring-L Limited Pinnacle
Price before grants $ 54,995 $ 57,995 $ 59,995
Engine 3.6 L V6 + 2 electric motors, total of 260 horsepower
Consumption 8.0 L/100 km (city), 7.9 L/100 km [highway], hybrid mode
Consumption 2.9 Le/100 km [fuel/electricity combined]
Autonomy 51 kilometers [electric mode], + 800 kilometers [hybrid mode]
Towing Not recommended
Cargo space 915 liters [behind 3rd row]
2,478 liters [behind 2nd row]
3,979 liters [behind 1st row]