Important! All customers must wear a mask. Consult our

3350, rue Wellington, Verdun, QC, H4G 1T5
Mon - Fri 7:30AM - 7PM
Sat - Sun Closed
Mon - Thu 7:30AM - 5PM
Fri 7:30AM - 2PM
Sat - Sun Closed
Mon - Fri 9AM - 7PM
Sat Appointment Only
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Important! All customers must wear a mask. Consult our


Preventive procedure against COVID-19

When you arrive at the service area

  2. Drive-up to the first door to the left.
  3. You must stay in your vehicle a service advisor will
  4. All the following items on your vehicle are disinfected using a disinfectant spray.
    1. Keys
    2. Handles
    3. Steering wheel
    4. Gear lever
    5. Armrest 
  5. The seats and steering wheels are covered with plastic
  6. The counter is disinfected between each customer served.
  7. A glass screen was installed to create a barrier between our customers and our employees
  8. No customer may remain on site inside the establishment while waiting for their vehicle.

In the repair shop

  1. Our technicians wash their hands before and after each vehicle services
  2. Wearing a mask is not required
  3. The vehicle is disinfected again once the work is completed


  1. That credit card payments are accepted
  2. Payment terminals are disinfected at each transaction

Return of your vehicle

  1. Vehicle is brought back to the service area
  2. Keys and handles are disinfected once again