Do not judge the wear of your tires yourself


Used tires are sometimes changed too quickly. You think we are going crazy? Not really … But we believe that people tend to quickly throw off their used tires while they could keep them for another year, saving a few dollars and saving the environment.
But, because there is a but, NEVER take this decision alone. On the contrary, always consult the professional at your dealership, who knows your car best, his needs, and who is best placed to indicate the best choice. It is by following his advice that you will save, but you will also have a high-performance car.
What is the link with the tires? A study by the French tire manufacturer Michelin has shown that tires with slightly worn soles actually have almost the same grip as completely new tires. Motorists can keep their tires one more year, without risk, but if they are recognized as such by our maintenance specialists.
Studies show that prematurely changing tires results in more than 400 million tires being wasted each year, or about 35 tonnes of CO2. However, changing tires too much leads to significant skid, especially in winter, which does not help your cause.
The problem is that there is no official certification of used tires, and only an expert can accurately determine whether or not your tires will be effective one more year. Remember that a worn tire with no grip on an icy surface can lengthen your stopping distance by more than 40%. What you do not want in winter, obviously.
Also be aware that the tires have an expiry date. The rubber then becomes stiffer and reacts less to the icy roadways. In short, knowing if your tire is still good or not takes special knowledge, and a notion of your car that only a professional has.
Take advantage of your fall interview to have your tires evaluated. Our technicians, qualified and trained for the occasion, have like you the desire to make you roll in safety, while making sure that you do not spend for nothing. Ask them for advice!