What we know about the future electric RAM

The latest news about the electric RAM 1500 EV

Between now and 2024, we should witness the smashing arrival of an all-new electric truck. Say hello to the future 2024 RAM 1500 EV!

Even if very few details are known at this time, Champlain Dodge, your RAM dealership in Montreal, gives you all the latest news and everything there is to know about this future electric RAM!

The arrival of this new model was officially confirmed in the summer of 2021, but little was given. New information about this RAM truck has only been revealed quite recently.

We have learnt that, thanks to the RAM Revolution project, consumers will have their say as to how they would like the electric RAM to be designed! In fact, they can leave suggestions as to what types of added equipment they would like to have, what kind of autonomy, and whatever else future buyers would like to find aboard the pickup.

A familiar truck, but with its own character

Save for a few recently published images, we have little to no idea as to what to expect the electric RAM’s design to be like.

We can, however, notice stylised headlights and taillights, as well as a much more aerodynamic roofline compared to what we’ve seen on a RAM thus far.

close up view of the front grill and head lights of the eletric RAM 1500 concept design

Moreover, even if these drawings only give us a hint as to the stylistic approach the RAM should take, more should be revealed to us over the course of the next few months, as information will become available, little by little.

The same can be said when it comes to performance: little to nothing has yet been officially revealed. All we know is that it will not be a plug-in hybrid model, but an electric truck exclusively powered by electricity. However, we still do not know anything about its electric consumption nor its charging times. This said, considering it’s a RAM, we should not be disappointed!

And even if we do not yet know how powerful the 100% electric motor will be, we do know that Stellantis is aiming for an autonomy that should play around 800 kilometers. This just makes it even more enticing! With what we know of regular fuel models, we can also safely imagine that this electric RAM will provide us with the same solid skills and performance, especially when it comes to towing capacity, payload and off-road driving.

For everything else regarding the all-new electric RAM 1500, including its base price, we will have to be patient. It is also too early to know if some of the entry-level versions will be admissible to government incentives.

three quarter front view of the outline of the future electric RAM 1500

The RAM 1500 is not the only one…

Let’s not forget that even before the electric RAM 1500 arrives in dealership, another electric RAM model will be available on the market: the RAM ProMaster van! This versatile utility truck –which is already greatly appreciated by contractors and delivery companies-, will prove more interesting than ever!

On top of offering a practical interior that is completely customizable to fit your needs, it will also come with a fully electric powertrain. This means that fuel prices will drop significantly, and so will your carbon footprint.

view of two RAM ProMaster parked close to a industrial complex

To find out more about these new electric RAM vehicles, or to find out how advantageous they are compared to plug-in models, come and visit us at Champlain Dodge today!

three quarter rear view of the stylised outline