How to choose your future used Jeep?

future used Jeep

While owning a new Jeep with all its cool features might be at the top of your bucket list in terms of ownership, it's also worth noting that there are a lot of lightly used nearly-new and pre-owned Jeeps for sale at excellent prices.

Plus, many of them still are with warranties in place and financing options available.

At Longue Pointe Chrysler, located close to St-Leonard, as well as Montreal North and other areas surrounding Montreal, our dealership has many years of experience helping customers find their perfect pre-owned Jeep or other Jeep product. And, when you come in and meet our friendly sales and financing team, we will be happy to share with you details on all the used Jeeps in stock, as well as our current incentives and special Jeep financing rates.

How to choose your future used Jeep

When choosing your pre-owned Jeep, there are a number of factors to consider. If you feel intimidated by all the information you think you need to know before buying a used Jeep, don't worry. Below, we break down all the questions you need to think about when looking to buy a used Jeep.

future used Jeep

Some tips to choose the right used Jeep

As a starting guide, here are some of the basics you should consider when you are beginning to look at buying a used Jeep.

future used Jeep

Research your pre-owned Jeep

The best way to research a Jeep is to head to the internet and start reading. You can start with Jeep Canada, where you can read up on the various models and features.

Plus, you can read reviews from Longue Pointe Chrysler's blog, or other blogs and online magazines.

What to watch

Some of the basics to look at are how many kilometres the vehicle has, check out the service record if it has one, and do a visual inspection for exterior damage, rust and tire condition.

future used Jeep

Define your budget

If you aren't buying the car with cash - and, honestly, how many of us can? - then you need to look at what you can afford in terms of a monthly payment. This will help determine what your used car budget is.

Try the used car before buying

Once you have narrowed down your selection, then of course you want to test drive the Jeep. If you have a friend that you trust, then take that person along with you, and listen for any excessive noise, alignment issues (pulling to left or right) or issues with braking.

future used Jeep

Take a good look at it

Most used cars at dealerships will be out in the car lot where you can go and take a look.

Quite often, people visit used car lots on Sundays when the dealership is closed so they can take their time. However, if a salesperson comes to greet you, it is okay to tell them you are just looking.

Analyze the information in detail

If you are looking online, then you likely can print off all the specifications of the used Jeep in detail. Used cars may come with a report on any past collisions the car may have been involved in, and even a service record.

Advantages of a used Jeep compared to a new Jeep

One of the main advantages of looking at a used Jeep in comparison to a new Jeep is cost.

It is no secret that buying a used vehicle can be significantly cheaper than buying a new one, and this is often the case with pre-owned Jeeps.

Plus, you can still qualify for great financing rates and incentives, even when you are buying used.

Where to buy your pre-owned Jeep?

While online ads and private sales for used Jeeps can look attractive, how do you know if the seller is telling the absolute truth?

One way to ensure complete satisfaction with your pre-owned Jeep is to buy from a reputable Jeep dealership.

At the Longue Pointe Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep dealership, we have been selling used vehicles to happy customers since 1964.

We guarantee that what we are selling you has been inspected thoroughly by our expert team.

future used Jeep

Why buy a used Jeep at a dealership?

There is a myriad of reasons why we would suggest buying your used Jeep at a dealership. Some of those reasons include:

  • Certification: Every used vehicle sold at Longue Pointe Chrysler has been inspected and certified by our team of expert technicians. Our service team completes a 125-point inspection on every used Jeep we sell.
  • Warranties: If the used Jeep is only a year or two old, then it is possible that the vehicle will still be under warranty, for areas such as the powertrain. If you are looking at a nearly new pre-owned Jeep, and if it has low mileage, then ask about whether the vehicle is still covered by warranty.
  • Expertise: If you want to make sure all your questions are answered before you buy a used Jeep, then ask the experts. The friendly team at Longue Pointe Chrysler Jeep has been selling used Jeeps for nearly 60 years. We know Jeeps inside and out.
future used Jeep

Your financing options for a pre-owned vehicle

While the rates for financing a used vehicle are somewhat higher than those for a new vehicle, they are still competitive.

Moreover, if you choose a used Jeep at a dealership, like Longue Pointe Chrysler, then you most likely can obtain financing right on the spot from our financing team.

We understand that choosing a pre-owned vehicle can be intimidating for some people, and that's why we have put together this easy-to-use guide.

Then when you are ready, we welcome you to come visit us at Longue Pointe Chrysler Dodge RAM Jeep Fiat, and we will be more than happy to help you.

future used Jeep