Jeep and new electric models

front side view of a Jeep Electric 2023

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and the transition is already well under way with Jeep. On top of the current plug-in hybrid versions, the brand has already revealed future electric Jeep models; we can expect performant vehicles and not a single drop of fuel!

Champlain Dodge tells you more about the upcoming models that will be available next year and over the years to come. Loads of novelties on the horizon!

Electric Jeep: what can we expect for 2023?

Recently publicized, the Jeep Recon will not exactly be a 2023 model; rather, you will be able to reserve your own as early as next year! This first 100 % electric Jeep vehicle is an SUV that is specially designed with outdoor adventures in mind; or in other words, loyal to Jeep philosophy!

Although precise specs have yet to be revealed, we at least know that this new comer will include the Jeep Selec-Terrain system, which provides you with performant off-road capacities. The images presented also showed features like all-terrain tires on imposing wheels, protection plates and lots more.

The electric Jeep could also have removable doors like the Wrangler!

Why not also talk about the Jeep Wrangler 4xe VHR while we’re at it? It will be available once more for 2023 with more impressive performance: a plug-in hybrid powertrain offering 375 horsepower and 470 lb-ft. maximum torque!

It comes in three very popular trims: the Sahara, the Willys and the Rubicon. The latter has truly proven its worth on the trail from which it takes its name, standing out also thanks to mechanical components such as the Rock-Trac system and 33- inch all-terrain tires.

Although electric, no compromises have been made when it comes to off-road skills. It also reduces fuel consumption numbers to an average of only 4.8 L/100 km. With an electric range of up to 35 km when in 100 % electric mode, you will be able to save even more money on fuel.

Fuel efficiency is also the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe’s strength. This luxurious midsize SUV has an average fuel consumption of only 4.1 L/100 km in hybrid mode. It also proves to be just as powerful as the Wrangler, with which it also shares the same powertrain: a 2.0 L 4- cylinder turbo coupled with a 17 kWh lithium-ion battery.

The electric Grand Cherokee also comes in 5 trims:

  • 4xe
  • Trailhawk
  • Overland
  • Summit
  • Summit Reserve

As you can see, you can definitely expect luxury and fuel economy! And with the highest trim levels, you will also take advantage of features like a massage function, ventilated rear seats, genuine wood trims and more.

You can shop for your electric Jeep today at your dealership on the South Shore of Montreal.

Other models coming soon?

As previously mentioned, the next electric Jeep will be arriving in Canada very soon: the 2024 Recon. Although exterior images have been revealed, we have to stay tuned for interior pictures and the detailed specs sheet. What we do know is that this electric Jeep vehicle is already quite promising!

On the European, Japanese and Korean markets, another model will be made available before the Recon: The Jeep Avenger, the very first –ever- fully electric Jeep SUV. Perfect for urban settings, it boasts an adventurous look and is loaded with cutting-edge equipment and technologies… which only serves to show how promising the future is when it comes to electric Jeep!

Back to our side of the Atlantic, the all-new Recon will be followed by an electric version of a beloved and tested and true model: the Wagoneer. Named the Wagoneer S, it will also be fully electric. Production will begin in 2024, and it should prove to be just as impressive!

In fact, the American manufacturer is aiming for an electric range of over 600 km and a 0-100 km/hr pulverized in only 3.5 seconds. All-wheel drive will obviously also be part of the standard offered equipment, and outstanding off-road capacities are to be expected as well.

So, why “S”? Well, for speed of course! Performance for this midsize SUV should play around 600 horsepower!

A bit smaller than the current Wagoneer, it will still be able to welcome up to 7- passengers in a comfortable and spacious interior. As for exterior design, it will be adding a more modern touch than the current Wagoneer, like with a light strip at the front and a slightly sloped roof.

Just like the Recon, this future electric Jeep SUV will be available for reservation come 2023. More details to come!

As you can see, the green movement is well under way with Jeep and it is really just a beginning! With Stellantis’ ambitious projects –that aim at having an electric version for every single Jeep model by 2025-, we can expect to be continuously and pleasantly surprised by all of the upcoming new models.

Stellantis: a new battery plant in Canada

Stellantis is definitely planning on coming out on top when it comes to the electric movement, whether it is with Jeep or any under brand it represents! The group has made major investments, including in Canada, where they announced, last March, they would be building a battery factory very soon.

This project represents a 5 billion dollar investment, which is supported by government grants. Located in Windsor, Ontario, the plant will allow for the production of more electric vehicles; it will also have significant economic repercussions. In fact, it will create around 2,500 new jobs and will be one of the biggest battery factories on the continent!

This also means that Canada will be in an advantageous position when it comes to electric vehicles. Let’s not forget that Stellantis will not only be producing electric Jeep, but also electric vehicles from other brands like:

  • Alfa Romeo;
  • Chrysler;
  • Dodge;
  • RAM;
  • Maserati;
  • And many more.

With this investment, Stellantis is getting closer and closer to reaching its goal, which is for electric vehicle sales to represent 50 % of all sales between now and 2030. This goal is part of the “Dare Forward” plan, which also aims at producing 75 new electric vehicles between now and 2030, and reaching zero emissions by 2038.

While we are waiting for these upcoming and promising new models, you can already order your Wrangler or your Grand Cherokee 4xe today. You can also easily finance your electric vehicle with the Champlain Dodge team. We will help you find the perfect electric vehicle for you, without compromising on performance in any way!

vue latérale arrière d'un Jeep électrique