Maintenance on your RAM 1500: the things you should know!

RAM 1500

Do you know the maintenance schedule for your RAM 1500? If you are a new RAM truck owner -or even if you've owned one for years- it is important to not only have a good idea of the life expectancy of your truck's different parts and accessories, but also to have a good idea of which important dates to remember.

Longue Pointe Chrysler in Montreal, close to Montreal North and Saint-Leonard, tells you more about your RAM 1500's maintenance!

L'entretien des pneus du RAM 1500

RAM Canada recommends checking your tire pressure at least once a month. You will find the recommended tire pressure in your owner's manual.

This information is also visible on the tire model as well as at the bottom of the door, on the driver's side. A tire with too much pressure could burst and doesn't grip the road properly. It can also cause suspension and steering parts to wear down quicker than they should, without forgetting that your tire's life expectancy will be significantly diminished.

RAM 1500

Inversely, a tire that has too low a pressure will not only cause you to spend a lot more money on fuel, it will also have a lower life expectancy, without forgetting that it can make the driving experience unstable and unsafe.

You should always be mindful of any sign of abnormal wear and tear.

RAM 1500 brake maintenance

RAM 1500

Everyone knows that the more you drive, the more you use your brakes.  This is even truer when your brake pedal is constantly solicited, like during traffic jams or very steep hills.

A regular inspection of your brakes -like, for example, when you get your tires or your oil changed- will allow you to know when the right time has come to change the pads.

RAM 1500 and oil change

How often should you get an oil change for your RAM 1500?

Modern vehicles have a warning light that comes on, on the dashboard, indicating when it is time to change your oil.  This means it will be very easy for you to know when to call your dealership for an appointment!

Whether you drive a lot or not, the frequency of your oil change should never go over 12 months or 16,000 kilometers.  Ideally, you should change the oil between 5,000 and 10,000 kilometers.

What type of oil do you need for a RAM 1500 HEMI V8?

According to the manufacturer's website, RAM recommends using an API SAE 5W-20 certified engine oil, which is up to MS-6395 standards.

Checking the battery on your RAM 1500 truck

When you visit your dealership for your RAM 1500 maintenance, the state of your battery will automatically be checked.  However, if you notice signs of corrosion on the terminals of the battery, if you observe that your headlights are getting dimmer when your RAM is running slower or if the battery light turns on, then you should definitely get your battery checked!

Proper maintenance schedule for your RAM 1500

Even if your truck works like a charm, the maintenance schedule reminds you that certain parts must be replaced and some inspections should be done after a specific amount of time or mileage.  Here it is, at a glance:

What you must do every 5,000 to 10, 000 kilometers (or every 6 months):

  • An oil change with filter replacement;
  • Battery testing;
  • Tire rotation;
  • Verification of headlights and taillights;
  • Verification of brake pads;
  • Disk verification;
  • Belt inspection;
  • Etc.

What must be done every 20, 000 to 40, 000 kilometers (or every 2 years)

  • Replacing fuel filter;
  • Replacing car cabin filter;
  • Exhaust system inspection;
  • Verification of shock absorbers;
  • Verification and maintenance of automatic transmission;
  • Inspection of distribution belts;
  • Filtering brake liquid;
  • Wheel analysis;
  • Etc.

What should be done every 50, 000 to 70, 000 kilometers (or every 3 years)

  • Spark plug replacement;
  • Inspection of power steering;
  • Maintenance of differential fluid;
  • Replacement of accessory belt;
  • Etc.

What to do every 80,000 to 100, 000 km (or every 4-5 years)

  • Belt and pipe replacement;
  • Maintenance of distribution belt;
  • Replacement of shock absorbers;
  • Inspection of cooling system;
  • Radiator inspection;
  • Etc.


Respecting your maintenance calendar and taking good care of your vehicle, will allow your RAM 1500 to pay it forward by offering you incredible reliability for years to come.

To find out more about maintenance schedules, our RAM special offers or our RAM financing options, or if you wish to purchase a RAM 1500, don't delay any longer and come and visit us at Longue Pointe Chrysler today! We are located in Montreal, close to Saint-Leonard and Montreal North.