Take care of your cabriolet for the winter

Take care of your cabriolet for the winter
To have a cabriolet car is to make the most of the beautiful summer days. It is to feel, during our long day of driving, the hair in the wind and the pleasure of driving. But it also means taking special care of your car, especially when it comes time to put it away.
Although many cabriolets are able to cope with the rigors of our climate twelve months a year, thanks to their building materials, we still have to take care of them. Or simply store it. But be careful, and take special care.
Away for winter
Before storing your car for the winter, and it’s true for all types of cars, a great cleaning is required. No way you let dust and other junk settle on the body or in small recesses and cause damage, including corrosion.
It must also dry properly, and ensure it’s stored in a dry place with easy access. Also take care of the roof. Various soft roof treatment products exist on the market, including those that help repel water. You can apply them in advance to ensure maximum protection. In fact, you should repeat the application a few times during the year.
But better yet, use your dealer’s service department. He has all the tools for proper maintenance, and the preparations will be done in a safe environment.
Driving in cabriolet in winter
New cars are able to do this without difficulty. In fact, they often even have equipment that allows them to face the winter. But here too, we must take serious precautions.
Wash your vehicle, or better have it thoroughly washed by a service professional. You’ll make sure to remove impurities and can cover your body with a stronger protective coating. After all, snow and calcium are not friends of your painting.
Bring it regularly to the car wash or maintenance service, if only for a good rinse. You will help maintain its luster by removing the layer of salt and sand that can cause long-term damage.
Quickly clear the roof of your convertible with a soft-bristled brush. Foam brushes are the most suitable for this type of work, especially on fabric roofs, which are more fragile. Remember that the fabric will be stiff, and that a hard brush, or a corner of plastic, could easily cut it.
Clean your window carefully. Many convertibles have a plastic window in the back. Be careful when it comes time to scratch it. A scratch in this kind of tile makes visibility difficult.
Do not operate your retractable roof in cold weather. Anyway, who wants to ride in the open at -20 degrees? And make sure, when you do, to close it quickly so that it dries. We do not want mold on cabriolet roofs!
So with a little care, you can get back on the road at the wheel of your car in the spring.