The Ram 1500 2019 eTorque: the best consumption in America


The 2019 version of the Ram pick-up truck wins a very important title in America, the most economical pickup truck in its class. All this thanks to its 3.6-liter V6 engine equipped with the new eTorque technology developed by the brand.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the new Ram’s 6-cylinder engine consumes 20 miles per gallon (about 11.7 l per 100km) in the city, 25 (about 9.4 l per 100 km) on the highway and 22 (about 10.6 l per 100 km) combined with propulsion. Using the integral, however, the data is slightly higher at 19 (about 12.3 l per 100 km l), 24 (about 9.8 l per 100 km) and 21 (11.8 l per 100 km). ).

This data is spectacular against the older generation that offered performance 20 miles per gallon (about 11.7 l per 100km) without the eTorque system.

For comparison, the rival of the RAM, Ford F-150 2018 with a 3.3-liter V6 engine at 19 (about 12.3 l per 100 km l), 25 (about 9.4 l per 100 km) and 21 (about 11.8 l per 100 km).

Recall that the eTorque is a lightweight hybridization system available on all versions of the 2019 RAM. It consists of an electric motor generator and a 48-volt battery pack that replaces an alternator, acts as auto start / stop and uses a slightly higher torque in certain driving situations.